CES is committed to aggressively pursue improvements and practices that promote a culture that prioritizes safety and mitigating environmental impact. We believe the future our industry is finding ways to lower our carbon and emissions footprint. Our team is focused on increasing up-time, while minimizing down-time and on asset utilization & reliability to mitigate the service impacts and reducing emissions. We will accomplish our service transition goals to a proactive approach to service & maintenance by unlocking efficiencies in operations and prioritizing solutions to reduce emissions.

Looking ahead, we are excited about the opportunities we have to help make ours and our client’s businesses even stronger, and more sustainable. We are proud to offer a services to meet the full lifecycle needs of the Marine & Energy Industries – reliably, efficiently, and sustainably.

Like many others, we believe there will be a significant shift to a lower-carbon economy over the coming decades. As such, we are planning accordingly and adapting our business to adjust to the changing landscape. This includes solutions to:

  • Reducing fuel consumption
  • Lowering emissions
  • Helping decrease environmental impacts