Proper Maintenance is Critical… At CES our trained technicians understand that unplanned downtime and unscheduled maintenance work can result in poor quality repairs and increased safety risks and have the highest impact on your business. Proper maintenance is critical for any engine, and it’s especially pivotal for marine diesel engines. Routine maintenance helps keep engines running smoothly while troubleshooting potentially catastrophic engine failures and is the key to lower operating costs.

Basic Maintenance Plans… At CES we work with many OEM’s and understand that the schedule will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and we are able to work with you to determine what is the best path or course for your specific equipment as well as meeting the work or duty demands for your equipment.

CES Provides the Following Services:

  • Oil, Fuel and Coolant Analysis
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Plans
  • Preventive Maintenance Service
  • Custom Engine Evaluation Service
  • Spare Engine Planning and Readiness
  • Emergency parts plans